How to Install a Home Door Alarm

Keeping your abode safe with a home door alarm is such a wise investment to protect your home and family. There are a lot of home alarm systems for sale in the market and you can choose inexpensive brands that can offer safety and reliability like any other brands.

The following are instructions on how to install a home door alarm.

1. Before installing the door alarm, clean the interior surface first as well as the area where you will place the alarm.

2. Prepare a screwdriver, stud finder, electric drill, and carpenter’s pencil.

3. Make an attachment to the wall by using the stud. Place it at the top of the doorframe as possible.

4. Mark the location as to where you will put the door alarm. Level it properly and mark the location of the screw holes on the wall.

5. Drill holes for the screws. Insert the anchor into the holes and then screw the unit securely.

6. Choose a location on the door and on the doorjamb where you will put the magnetic switches. The switches must be strategically placed where they can come into contact with each other when the door is closed and contact is broken when the door is opened. Mark the chosen location.

7. Secure the magnetic switches. Test the device and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that each unit is securely placed and would not budge with minimum effort.

The installation of a home door alarm is easy and practical. Just follow the steps above and you are sure to set up your on alarm system at home.

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