Fiber Glass Home Doors – Maximum Durability

Your home door is as important as your house itself. They don’t just serve as entrance to your door but it also becomes an introduction to what’s in store for them. There are many designs of stores that exist nowadays. There are also many materials that homeowners can choose from. One of them is fiberglass home doors.

Everyone wants to make a good impression of their home. It’s a reflection of their personality and/or family. It also serves as a brief introduction to what’s in store for your guests, may they be friends, relatives or new acquaintances. Doors have evolved through the passage of time as manufacturers find more ways to design their products. New products have also emerged as they find other materials to work with in creating new designs.

Apart from the common wood and glass, a new material is now used for manufacturing doors. Fiberglass is now being used to manufacture doors. They can even be designed to resemble wooden doors. They are fairly new but other manufacturers have taken advantage of its benefits.

Fiberglass home doors are constructed pretty mush the same way as exterior steel doors.

The outer layer is made of fiber glass while the core is injected with foam. It is also bordered by a wooden stiles and rails.

They also come in different designs like other type of doors. The flat surface can be painted and embossed to resemble wood. They can also be energy efficient because they have thermal insulation properties. They are moisture resistant and environment friendly. They are dimensionally stable and simply stylish.

They adapt can easily adapt to weather changes unlike wood. They are also more durable when compared to other doors made of a different material. Wood can warp, shrink, swell, contract and rot as the years go by. They need a lot of maintenance and soon need a replacement. Metal doors can rust overtime. You will only be able to notice it when your door gets stuck or just refuses to open.

Glass doors look great but they can break. Fiberglass show minimal expansion and contraction overtime as compared to glass. They have also been proven to withstand turbulent winds compared to other materials

The only bad news is that they can be very expensive. Fiberglass is a relatively new material. Nonetheless they are worth every penny when installed in your home. You don’t have to worry about environmental changes and maintenance.

Apart from home doors they can also be used in different aspects of your house such as the windows. They provide a good alternative to wood, metal and plastic frames. There are companies in the market which uses the advantages pf fiberglass to give homeowners better doors and windows.

Fiberglass used in doors and windows differ from the ones used in boats, storage tanks and pools where they are commonly used. Pultruded fiberglass is now being used by Fibertec in manufacturing their products. They can be applied in all types of doors for different areas in your house whether interior or exterior.

Fiber glass home doors are a new innovation that is guaranteed to last in your house. They provide the same stylish features as glass but surpassing it and other materials with its durability and versatility. They serve as a better alternative worth every penny.

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