How to Install a Home Door Alarm

Keeping your abode safe with a home door alarm is such a wise investment to protect your home and family. There are a lot of home alarm systems for sale in the market and you can choose inexpensive brands that can offer safety and reliability like any other brands.

The following are instructions on how to install a home door alarm.

1. Before installing the door alarm, clean the interior surface first as well as the area where you will place the alarm.

2. Prepare a screwdriver, stud finder, electric drill, and carpenter’s pencil.

3. Make an attachment to the wall by using the stud. Place it at the top of the doorframe as possible.

4. Mark the location as to where you will put the door alarm. Level it properly and mark the location of the screw holes on the wall.

5. Drill holes for the screws. Insert the anchor into the holes and then screw the unit securely.

6. Choose a location on the door and on the doorjamb where you will put the magnetic switches. The switches must be strategically placed where they can come into contact with each other when the door is closed and contact is broken when the door is opened. Mark the chosen location.

7. Secure the magnetic switches. Test the device and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure that each unit is securely placed and would not budge with minimum effort.

The installation of a home door alarm is easy and practical. Just follow the steps above and you are sure to set up your on alarm system at home.

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3 Tips and Tricks All Home Owners Should Know About Home Door Security

When it comes to home security there are very few things as important as your own front door. Many people know that a locked and secure front entrance is an important part of keeping their property, family and belongings safe, but what very few realize is that it takes more than a lock and key to deter potential intruders. If you have experienced a home break-in or are concerned about your safety then there are some important things you need to know about home door security. The following are 3 key points to consider when securing your front door.

Decide on deadbolts: One of the easiest things you can do to boost your home door security is to invest in sturdy, high quality deadbolt systems. Deadbolts are a lot harder for an intruder to pick then a regular key hole and many will avoid any home which has one installed. When choosing a deadbolt make sure that you purchase a style that works with the type of door you own. And if you want to be sure of its durability consider having an expert complete the installation for you.

Win with window film: Covering the windows surrounding your front door in a security window film can also help upgrade your home door security. The fact that intruders are not able to see inside can place doubt about whether anyone is home, or if there are any belongings worth risking a break-in. This doubt is what can help to prevent theft and can keep your home from becoming a target.

Pick Peepholes: If you decide on applying window film, you will still want a way to see who is outside. This is where peepholes come in handy. Mostly used in apartment buildings and hotels, peepholes are becoming more and more popular with home owners. A peephole can be applied to any style of door and can actually be a great idea when trying to increase home door security. If you are able to see through a peephole, then you do not need a door with large windows, making your door less inviting to passing burglars.

A break-in at my own home showed me that you can never take security too seriously. L

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